Answered By: Toru Chiba
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Because Blackboard Learn is web-based, printing is handled through whatever Internet browser you are using.

Sometimes you can right-click the area that you want to print and look for something like "Print This Frame."You need to be in the area you wish to print in order for this to work.

Most browsers have a "Help" option that can explain more about printing. 

If the course content is an attached file, such as a Word document, you can open the document and print it from that program.


If you have to scroll to read the document, then you might have to scroll and "Print This Frame" multiple times. To avoid this, if you are printing a lengthy page in Blackboard, you can highlight everything in the frame, copy it, and paste it into Word. Then, you can format it (if needed - shrink margins, change font, etc.) and print it.

For chat and other Blackboard functions, IE9 is not compatible with Blackboard. IE8 is. Using IE9 can result in java errors when posting on discussion boards, sending messages, and so forth. It may also affect printing.  Students who use IE9 should use Firefox or Google Chrome.

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