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The U: drive has now replaced the C: drive on the majority of computers connected to the cloud, especially those in the Library. If you wish to save your document/work anywhere other than your jump/flash drive, you will need to save it to your U: drive.

(NOTE: Saving your document to the desktop will cause you to lose the document permanently once you log off the machine.)

If you wish to save to the U: drive, you have two options.  First, you can temporarily save your document to the desktop, then, by either double-clicking the computer icon located on the desktop or by clicking the START button>Computer, you can browse for your personal U: drive, which uses the following format:  YOUR UCA (\pftfs001\users) (U:).

Double-click to open the drive.  Then simply drag/drop your document from the desktop into your U: drive.

Or, you can save your document/work directly to your U: drive by choosing the U: drive as your saving location when prompted by the saving process.

If you do not see the U:drive, contact the ITC for assistance. The Information Technology Commons (ITC) is located at the end of the hallway past the Circulation Desk and MMB in the Library (near the tunnel entrance).

Options for saving your work so that you can access it off-campus include:

  • bring a flash/USB/jump drive - don't forget to remove it from the campus computer when you log off!
  • use the Onedrive available through FELIX - Webmail.

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